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Experienced Lesson

If you have been shooting a while, and have your own gun, I can tailor a lesson to suit your requirements.  If you let me know what types of target are troubling you I will set up accordingly. For example, often really experienced shots will struggle  with incoming targets, which would be considered by many as straight forward.

If you have a specific issue you’d like to discuss please feel free to email me or give me a call on 07919 576445.

Whatever your experience, whether you’ve never held a gun before or you have been shooting for years we can set targets to suit.

Introductory Lesson

In an introductory lesson all aspects of gun safety and gun handling are covered.

Once gun safety has been covered, stance, eye dominance, gun mount and gun fit are explained. All of this is really important as it goes a long way towards ensuring success.

With all the theory done we then start shooting, you will see in all of the pictures that everyone that’s shooting is wearing ear defenders and glasses. I will not allow anyone to shoot without ear defenders, I have too many friends that grew up shooting without ear defenders and are now wearing hearing aids.

The clay pigeons that you shoot will start off quite easy and get increasingly difficult, according to how quickly you get the hang of it.

An introductory lesson will last 25 shots, which will take around an hour. If 2 or 3 of you are together then the running time per person will be slightly less as the theory can be covered as a group.

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Intermediate Lesson

If you have had a previous lesson, and the theory is still fresh in your mind then we can move straight onto shooting, starting with relatively straight forward targets and moving on from there. If there is a particular type of target that you want to concentrate on then we can bias the lesson towards that.

I will never present you with a target, or pair of targets that I don’t believe you are capable of hitting.